Leaving Cert is not the only route

Leaving Cert exam results mental health

It is that time of year again when the wait is over and the dreams of 50,000 plus young people are realised or dashed. The thoughts of college life become a reality. The wait for CAO offers begins in earnest and a massive collective sigh of relief for parents nationally is exhaled. However for some today will be a day of bitter disappointment. The hopes of many young people will be tarnished and for many a dread of ‘what next’ becomes a reality. For these young people consolation seems ineffective. Right now all that they can see is that they fell short of what they wanted.

Children's Mental Health Coalition

Children's Mental Health Coalition

Through the Mental Health Matters strategy St Patrick’s University Hospital committed to advocating for the rights of those who suffer from mental illness. As part of this advocacy work the organisation is an active member of the Children’s Mental Health Coalition

Willow Grove Get Involved with Walk in My Shoes

Willow Grove get involved with walk in my shoes

Staff, young people & parents of Willow Grove Adolescent Services got involved with the Walk in My Shoes campaign last week. The young people designed & decorated their own runners with help from the City Art Squad who are sponsored by the St. Patrick’s Hospital Foundation.

Warning signs of Bullying & what to do

Warning signs of Bullying & what to do

Our psychotherapist Colman Noctor will continue his discussion on the warning signs of bullying and what to do on RTEs Four live on Thursday the 9th of February. Tune in from 4pm. You can watch part 1 of the show here or you can read Colman's blog below. 

What is bullying?

Our Ambivalent Attitude to Slapping Children

The child chastisement debate currently active in the media is to be welcomed. The Minister for children has opened this debate by saying the government is considering a ban on corporal punishment in the home. In this, it is proposed that Ireland join a growing number of jurisdictions where corporal punishment in the home is illegal. Much of the commentary that has resulted has been extreme and ill informed.  Some negative comment has been directed towards the Minister herself for raising the issue.